Establish hygiene awareness and start with hand hygiene!

Students at classroom

So far, the prevention and management of the new crown lung epidemic has achieved remarkable results. Primary schools in our city ushered in the official school season following the new crown pulmonary epidemic. In order to avoid the resurgence of the new crown pulmonary epidemic and ensure the smooth progress of the school opening, teachers…

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Common Colds: Protect Yourself and Others

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Common colds are the main reason that children miss school and adults miss work. Each year in the United States, there are millions of cases of the common cold. Adults have an average of 2-3 colds per year, and children have even more. Most people get colds in the winter and spring, but it is…

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How to help students develop good health habits

Kids hygiene, germs, cleaning, hygiene

Today is the 35th teacher’s day, and help students develop good health habits & self-consciousness to organize internal affairs is part of the teacher’s responsibility in school. The development of health habits is related to the healthy growth of adolescents. The Chinese nation is an outstanding nation. Since ancient times, it has valued people’s moral…

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The school: a pillar to educate children in hand hygiene

hand washing, hygiene education

Hand hygiene in school is a vital training to raise children’s awareness of the importance of personal hygiene Public opinion is becoming increasingly aware of concepts such as “educational system”, “educational model” or “21st century education”. This is, in short, the way in which the school takes more and more part in the education of…

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What happens to the hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic in schools?

school hand hygiene, hand foot mouth disease

Recently, Shanghai is in the epidemic period of hand, foot and mouth disease. There are sporadic cases in schools and kindergartens, and there are serious clustering diseases. At this time, what should parents do? The CDC has written the following FAQs based on current problems in prevention and control and parents’ questions. Q1: Where can…

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