Hygiene guide in health centers

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Hygiene in health centers is a basic weapon to prevent nosocomial infections and ranges from patient hygiene to waste treatment. The main fear in socio-health centers, nursing homes or nursing homes are nosocomial infections. And although it is impossible to eradicate them, several studies show that hygiene helps reduce them considerably. Next, we will review…

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The Efficacy of Electronic Alerts and Prompts against hand hygiene compliance

hand hygiene compliance

Sometimes, an audible reminder serves as a friendly little push that most HCWs need to remind them to practice good hand hygiene. Amron Corporation’s Hand Hygiene Prompts (HHP) is a computer-based device that collects data from sensors which report room exit and entry, toilet use and hand hygiene compliance. From these data, HHP determines if…

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The importance of handwashing in the prevention of infections.

Handwashing, health care, Infections, disinfectant, epidemic

Given the information circulating in various media about the presence of multiresistant bacteria (example KPC) in different hospitals, we share readings related to hand hygiene, a fundamental aspect for the control of the dispersion of these bacteria and thus prevent infections. There are many aspects and measures for the prevention of infections, including hand hygiene.…

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The Central Military Hospital celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day

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Within the framework of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Central Military Hospital celebrated this date with the Entity’s visitors and collaborators, practicing the correct way to disinfect their hands. Bogotá D.C., May 5, 2019. – Within the framework of World Hand Hygiene Day, the Central Military Hospital committed to biosecurity sensitized the medical, administrative and…

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Surgical hand washing

Hand hygiene, surgical care, Handwashing, health care, Infections, disinfectant, epidemic

Every May 5 we celebrate World Handwashing Day to make everyone aware that this simple fact can save lives and protect our health. Hygiene in surgical care SAVES LIVES: wash your hands. Improving hand hygiene practices in surgical services is a priority. After 10 years of the WHO program “Clean care is safer care”, these…

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