Improve your Hand Hygiene for World Handwashing Day

Global hand washing day

Time flies quickly. The National Day holiday is about to start. Many children and older friends are already impatient to go out and travel. I hope everyone must pay attention to travel safety and hygiene. After the long holiday, there will be a global absorption day that is closely related to our hand hygiene. So,…

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How to hold the Tokyo Olympic Games under the epidemic

Tokyo olympics

According to the Spanish “Marca” website reported on July 9th, the Tokyo Olympics will be recorded in history as the Olympics held during the pandemic. Despite the one-year postponement, Japan still hopes to maintain the name of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. According to the report, this is the second time Tokyo has hosted the Olympic…

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Why hand sanitizer dispenser is so hot during the epidemic?

Hand sanitizer dispenser  is a new type of disinfection equipment. Although it is used in hospitals and other professional fields, many people still don’t know how to use it. If you still have such doubts, then you can start from the following In the information, it is the most scientific to learn how to use…

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Standard precautions of infection control

infection control

All people potentially harbour infectious microorganisms. As such, it must be assumed that all blood and body fluids/substances are potentially infectious. Standard precautions are the work practices required to achieve a basic level of infection prevention and control. The use of standard precautions aims to minimise, and where possible, eliminate the risk of transmission of…

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