Touch-free Alcohol Dispenser DT 1200

Product Details:

Touchless soap/hands cleaning dispensers
ON/OFF switch : infrared sensor
Dispensing volume adjustable: 0.9~2.0ml
IR sensing distance : 8~12cm
Capacity : 1200ml
Material : ABS plastic


Touchless functions, signal colours and smart technologies are all components of a hand hygiene dispenser that will provide optimal medical hand hygiene in the long term.

  • TOUCH-FREE DELIVERY. For added convenience, this product boasts an automatic, hands-free operation for improved hand hygiene To minimize waste, it dispenses 0.90 ml per activation.
  • BIG CAPACITY. Cartridge could be fulfilled with 1200ml hand soap or sanitizer.
  • Buy 1 dispenser, have 3 functions in spray, drop & foam, switchable by change nozzle only.
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE. For added convenience, this unit uses 4 pcs “C” batteries. It boasts a long battery life, allowing for 150,000 single uses before the batteries need to be replaced.
  • SIMPLE UTILIZATION. This product works with most free-flowing, all-purpose brands of liquid soap. It’s also equipped with a clear window on the dispenser’s front, so you can easily monitor the level of soap inside and refill when it’s running low.
  • ADA COMPLIANT. Compliant in force and one-handed operation, this dispenser conforms to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards. These standards state that places of public accommodation must be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • VERSATILE USE. Perfect for use in restrooms, kitchens and lunchrooms. It’s ideal for both commercial and public entities, including heath care centers, offices, hospitals, food service facilities, manufacturing plants, schools and much more.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE. Flashing LED indicates low battery. Power consumption is quite  low, 1 set battery could last for about 2 years.
  • CUSTOMIZED. Which color do you prefer? You can customize the dispenser color by providing the pantone number.
  • GUARANTEE. 12 months’s guarantee. We’ve specialized in develop and manufacturi g hand hygiene dispenser over 20 years, which is a strong back of service


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