How to choose the right hand sanitizer?

Recently, parents of a kindergarten in Shenzhen found that spots and fading on their children’s clothes were suspected of being corroded. The children also said that the water used in kindergarten washing was smelly. After consultation with parents, it was learned that the kindergarten used a strong disinfectant powder to wash the hands of the children because of the outbreak of herpetic pharyngitis in a class in the beginning of May. In this regard, the director said that the disinfection water bubble is actually from the inside of the basin, and then rinsed with hand sanitizer and water, just to strengthen disinfection.

It is not difficult to see that the kindergarten director’s lack of health care knowledge, the correct use of antibacterial disinfectant hand sanitizer can fully meet the daily disinfection needs of the hand.

How to choose the right disinfectant hand sanitizer

1. Distinguish the “weixiaozheng” and “wei makeup”

“Weixiao Zheng Zi” hand sanitizer is a disinfection product category

Such hand sanitizers can help kill or inhibit common pathogens such as pyogenic cocci, intestinal pathogens, pathogenic fungi, and the like. This type of hand sanitizer requires the product to be inspected, and after a series of strict safety and disinfection effects inspections, the sanitation license and the “weixiaozhengzi” license are approved before production and sales are allowed.

The hand sanitizer of the “Wei makeup quasi-word” batch number belongs to the category of cosmetics.

It does not have bactericidal and antibacterial effects. The hand sanitizer of “Women’s Makeup” is a general skin care cosmetic with ordinary shampoo and facial cleanser. Its function can only achieve the purpose of cleaning and decontamination.

2. Depends on hand soap formula

Generally, the germicidal components of hand sanitizers are different. In theory, the higher the concentration, the better the sterilization effect, but the concentration is too high, which may cause problems such as dry skin and cracking of the hands.

The bactericidal effect of hand sanitizer also depends on the overall formulation of the ingredients. The formula is well formulated, and the low concentration can also achieve better sterilization effect. The formula is not good, and high concentration may not achieve good results. This is because the compounds in the hand sanitizer interfere with each other, so the formula is also important in measuring the bactericidal effect.