Hand hygiene during travel: antibacterial accessories

When traveling, you should follow certain rules to have good hand hygiene. Thus, you will avoid 90% of the diseases that the traveler catches abroad. The turista is not a fatality! The rules are simple: drink bottled water, eat well-cooked food and … wash your hands.

Yes, this step that your parents taught you as a child is even more important when you travel abroad. But, from a practical point of view, it is not always easy to wash your hands while traveling.

In some restaurants and other boui-bouis, there is sometimes no toilet and soap. Ditto when traveling by bus or train or when doing a trek in the middle of the jungle.

Also, it is necessary to carry with you some essential accessories to have an impeccable hand hygiene. The goal: kill bacteria

Note that washing your hands is also important after going to the bathroom.

The antibacterial gel

This is one of the essential accessories to put in your daily backpack while traveling. Make sure you always have it at hand.

Always use before going to the table or eating something with your hands (chips, empanadas …). It is in these moments that you risk to catch germs and bacteria.