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Surgical hand washing

hand hygiene tips

Every May 5 we celebrate World Handwashing Day to make everyone aware that this simple fact can save lives and protect our health. Hygiene in surgical care SAVES LIVES: wash your hands. The improvement of hand hygiene practices in surgical services is a priority. After 10 years of the WHO program “Clean care is safer…

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Hygiene in hand washing

hand hygiene

Many studies have been conducted on the benefits of hand washing and on the effectiveness of the various elements involved in the operation, but relatively few on the contribution of hand drying to hygiene. For effective control of infections through hand washing, you should also ensure that not only your hands are completely clean after…

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Adherence of hand hygiene


The main problem with HAND HYGIENE is not related to the possibility of obtaining only good products, but to the lack of compliance with the norm. Numerous published studies conclude that health personnel wash their hands half of the times they are indicated and in general with less duration than recommended. The factors identified that…

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Automated Handwashing Systems

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The CDC has weighed in on automated handwashing systems: “Although technologically advanced automated handwashing devices and monitoring systems have been developed recently, only a minimal number of studies have been published that demonstrate that use of such devices results in enduring improvements in hand-hygiene adherence among HCWs. Further evaluation of automated handwashing facilities and monitoring…

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The important moment for washing hands


Hand washing with soap is one of the most effective and simple ways to prevent diarrheal and respiratory diseases. For washing to be really effective, you should always use soap. If you use them properly, all soaps are equally effective in removing germs that cause disease. If you don’t have soap, you can eventually replace…

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Using disinfectant for the hands reduces the days of illness

DESINFECTANT, children, hand washing, hospital

A recent study shows that the type and type of product that we use when washing our hands has a direct impact on how often we get sick. According to a study published in the Pediatrics Magazine. Spanish researchers demonstrated that children who used hand sanitizers instead of soap and water reduced their days of…

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Wash hands & disinfection, Noro is no longer poisonous!

Norovirus, prevention, hygiene

Norovirus, also known as Norovirus, is highly infectious and mainly transmitted by the intestines. It can be transmitted through contaminated water, food, articles, air, etc., often in densely populated places such as schools, restaurants, hospitals, and nurseries. Causes concentrated disease. Norovirus infectious diarrhea is a self-limiting disease. There are no vaccines or special effects at…

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