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Touchless dispenser system

Preventing Cross-Contamination

As concerns about cross-contamination increased among infection prevention professionals, industry responded, introducing touchless sink fixtures and hardware as well as soap and paper towel dispensers. In fact, an entire generation has nearly grown up around this kind of touchless environment, making it the standard for restrooms everywhere, but most notably ...
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Going Touchless is a High-Tech Solution to Hand Hygiene Compliance

While handwashing compliance among healthcare workers (HCWs) and allied staff remains notoriously low in numerous hospitals, perhaps it’s time to realize that their behavior as “civilians” when not on the job may have a lot to do with it. Recent surveys indicate that an alarming number of people don’t wash ...
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The Challenges of Going Touchless

There are some challenges associated with both touchless and manual dispensers, including ensuring that dispensers are functioning, full, and well maintained. The CDC’s hand hygiene guideline cautions, “Dispensers may discourage use by healthcare workers when they become blocked or partially blocked and do not deliver the product when accessed by ...
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Automated Handwashing Systems

The CDC has weighed in on automated handwashing systems: “Although technologically advanced automated handwashing devices and monitoring systems have been developed recently, only a minimal number of studies have been published that demonstrate that use of such devices results in enduring improvements in hand-hygiene adherence among HCWs. Further evaluation of ...
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2019 Global Hand Washing Day

Since 2008, World Handwashing Day is celebrated annually every October 15. 2008 was also designated by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Year of Sanitation. Since then, World Handwashing Day aims to extend the best hygiene practices to the entire planet. The practice of washing your hands is ...
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Why is it so important to wash your hands?

It is a message worth repeating: washing your hands is, by far, the best way to prevent the spread of germs and to protect your children from disease. What is the best way to wash your hands? Here is how to get rid of germs on top. Teach your children ...
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The important moment for washing hands

Hand washing with soap is one of the most effective and simple ways to prevent diarrheal and respiratory diseases. For washing to be really effective, you should always use soap. If you use them properly, all soaps are equally effective in removing germs that cause disease. If you don't have ...
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The importance of handwashing in the prevention of infections.

Given the information circulating in various media about the presence of multiresistant bacteria (example KPC) in different hospitals, we share readings related to hand hygiene, a fundamental aspect for the control of the dispersion of these bacteria and thus prevent infections. There are many aspects and measures for the prevention ...
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Are We Cleaning Needlessly?

Green cleaning is the current trend that has taken the industry by storm. Every other company has now developed or sells a range of green products; hotels and hospitals are working on ensuring that they save water, paper, energy and the likes; while cleaning consultants harp on about the need ...
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Refillable Soap Dispensers Are A Haven For Bacteria

Experts often cite hand washing as the single most important practice in controlling the spread of germs. But what if washing hands left them more bacteria-ridden than they were before a person washed them? These were the findings of several studies, led by Dr. Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the ...
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