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Effective ways to improve hand hygiene compliance

Effective hand hygiene is the single most important procedure in preventing hospital-acquired infections. Traditional information/education-based interventions have shown only modest benefits on compliance. Some traditional methods shown to help encourage compliance with infection prevention measures among staff include motivational programs, administrative measures and training initiatives. For a motivational measure, presenting staff with real-life, personal stories regarding the human cost of HAIs can make an emotional appeal to providers to improve compliance. Administrators can also play a key role in improving compliance by being vocal advocates themselves. If employees understand directives are coming from the top down, they may feel more ...
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Proper Hand Hygiene Matters

Each April, World Health Day celebrates the founding of the World Health Organization (WHO) and renews the call to action to raise public health standards around the world. Within North America, preventing the spread of germs that cause illnesses such as influenza and the common cold, or bacteria that cause healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs), is a critical challenge every year. Poor health costs the U.S. economy $576 billion annually, with 39 percent, or $227 billion, from “lost productivity” from employee absenteeism due to illness or what researchers called “presenteeism,” when employees report to work but illness keeps them from performing at ...
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2018 Earth Day

This coming Sunday, April 22nd, marks the 48th anniversary of Earth Day, the world's largest environmental movement. All members at Doctorclean®, honor this day, and every day, by celebrating our commitment to understanding the needs of sustainable development. As you can see, we're focus on developing the sustainable dispenser system, all of the material adopted is recyclable, including the dispenser, accessories & packing material. The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We must seize this moment to inspire global actions that safeguard the earth against the unprecedented challenges of the 21st century. In the three years leading ...
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How to resist seasonal flu

Winter itself is a difficult test for our health: a short light day, cold, sudden temperature changes and dampness - all this does not contribute to well-being. It is not surprising that the flu epidemics occur precisely for this season. Opinions about the epidemic situation is vary. Someone believes that we do not have the flu at this period, someone is sure that the data about the true state of affairs in our country are hushed up, and promises an epidemic in the near future. Whatever it was, avoid the flu will not work - in Europe, the Aussie is ...
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COMING SOON!New touchless disinfectant dispenser

Your attention, please! Doctorclean® New product: touchless disinfectant dispenser DT900S would be first showed in 2018 ISSA Interclean Amsterdam show in May. If you're in line of hygiene market & interested in touch-free sanitizer dispenser system, welcome to visit our booth: Hall 11.315. For more dispenser solution details, welcome to contact us ...
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About Us

Proper hand hygiene is one of the best ways to protect yourself from sick. DoctorClean® has developed and produced high-quality hand sanitizer dispenser system for more than 10 years, focus on continually manufacturing the most innovative, reliable, and long lasting dispensing products in the hygiene market. With chemical friendly recyclable bottle & disposable bag, all liquid (including foam soap, hand sanitizer and alcohol gel) can be dosed by our dispensers, which are demand for many hygiene required public places, such as hospital, healthcare, school, office, hotel, etc. DoctorClean® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System has filed a patented invention named Modular Designed Sanitizer ...
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4 Myths concerns to Hand hygiene

2017-06-26 Myth 1: Wash with hot water is better than cold water. Most of us think hot water helps kill germs and bacteria on our hands. But the reality is, the water would have to be scalding hot to make that happen. In fact, hot water may work against us. Water that is too hot may cause us to remove our hands too quickly to wash properly. Further, researchers in Florida found that there is statistically little difference whether hands are washed in hot or cold water. Myth 2: Always use antibacterial soap when washing hands. Back in 2007, a ...
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Ebola virus epidemic opened June 19 at the CDC museum

Theme of Ebola: People + Public Health + Political Will Exhibit Time: June 19, 2017 – May 25, 2018 Location: David J. Sencer Museum in Atlanta Brief introduction of Ebola: An investigation of the historic 2014-16 Ebola Fever Virus epidemic in West Africa, the United States, and around the world. As the crisis unfolded in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone in 2014, it evolved into both a health and humanitarian crisis. When it became clear that Ebola could potentially spread exponentially, threatening global health security, there was a coordinated, massive response ...
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