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Hygiene in the presence of pets: How should it be?

pet's hygiene

The hygiene in the presence of pets serves to guarantee our own well-being and also that of our furry ones. Those who live with pets will know well the efforts that must be made on many occasions to keep the spaces clean. Many complain about the excess hair that their pets give off and that…

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Hygiene guide in physiotherapy centers

cdc, prevention, healthcare, infection, hand washing, sanitizing

Hygiene in physiotherapy centers not only helps ensure the well-being of the patient and workers, but also helps prevent nosocomial infections. The physiotherapy or rehabilitation centers receive dozens of patients at the end of the day and, some of them, have a somewhat delicate state of health. That is why, although these centers are not…

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How should surgical hand washing be?

surgical hand washing

Surgical handwashing requires a series of well-defined steps to prevent any type of cross contamination in hospitals. Surgical handwashing aims to eliminate as many pathogens present in hands and arms as possible before entering the operating room to avoid cross contamination. Surgical handwashing, unlike conventional handwashing, is done with soapy compositions that contain iodinated povidone…

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Standard precautions of infection control

infection control

All people potentially harbour infectious microorganisms. As such, it must be assumed that all blood and body fluids/substances are potentially infectious. Standard precautions are the work practices required to achieve a basic level of infection prevention and control. The use of standard precautions aims to minimise, and where possible, eliminate the risk of transmission of…

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Why is World Toilet Day commemorated?

bathroom clean, toilet clean

At least 892 million people in the world defecate outdoors. The United Nations has warned that at least 60 percent of the world’s population – some 4.5 billion people – do not have toilets in their homes or have a poor sanitation system. That situation results in some 892 million people defecating outdoors. Many of…

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Surgical hand washing

hand hygiene tips

Every May 5 we celebrate World Handwashing Day to make everyone aware that this simple fact can save lives and protect our health. Hygiene in surgical care SAVES LIVES: wash your hands. The improvement of hand hygiene practices in surgical services is a priority. After 10 years of the WHO program “Clean care is safer…

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Hygienic hand wash

DEFINITION Handwashing is the vigorous rubbing of previously soaped hands, followed by rinsing with abundant water, in order to remove dirt, organic matter, transient and resident flora, and thus prevent the transmission of these microorganisms from person to person . The use of alcoholic solutions for handwashing is an alternative to take seriously into account…

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Soap dispenser’s market prospects in China

soap dispenser

The soap dispenser market of China’s more than 1.3 billion people is far less than that of the US and Europe. The market size of a soap dispenser in the US market is several times larger than that of the Chinese market. The reason is that apart from the decisive factors of consumers themselves, the…

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How to clean stainless steel products

stainless steel products cleaning tips

Stainless steel is a common raw material for household products. It has many excellent properties, such as easy cleaning, not easy to rust, simple and elegant appearance, long service life, not easy to damage, corrosion and rust resistance, and very surface. Smooth and easy to clean. Stainless steel is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom…

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